I'm Justin.
I'm 20 and go to Chapman University.
I like Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy and other stuff.
I'm pretty much a nerd and I'm pretty lame.
Hope you like my blog :D


This is a little late, but here are some pics from my trip to San Francisco.

I traveled with my awesome District Membership Development & Education committee from Circle K and met up with a good friend who transferred to SFSU last summer. 

It was such a memorable weekend for me because it was literally the farthest from home I’ve ever been by car (so my trip to Indiana last summer doesn’t count) and it was just a lot of fun with very good people.

Whether by mistake or design, everything that happened on this trip will stay with me a long time; hopefully I can visit again this winter or next summer :) or, at least, I’ve made a promise to return and I intend to keep it~

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